The Pete McGillen Award is presented annually (when warranted) to a member of the Outdoor Writers of Canada who has, over the years, best reflected the aims and objectives of the organization. The award honors the memory of one of Canada's most outstanding outdoor writers.

Leo (Pete) McGillen (1908 - 1973) was one of the most productive and active outdoor writers in Canada. He was the first full-time Outdoors Editor of The Toronto Telegram, the first such position of its kind on a daily newspaper in Canada. He also served as the City Editor for The Peterborough Examiner for 11 years. He broadcast a weekly outdoors show, "Outdoors with Pete McGillen", over CFRB radio in Toronto and was a regular contributor to the CBC Sportsmen's Show on radio. According to a Canadian Press survey of the day, he was "the most widely quoted outdoor writer in Canada." Named to the Fishing Hall of Fame in Chicago in 1954, he was also inducted into the Canadian Sportsmen's Hall of Fame and the Peterborough Sports Hall of Fame. He was a director of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, and a life member of five and honorary member of nine fish and game clubs in Ontario. McGillen was a director of the Outdoor Writers Association of America and the president of the OWC in 1960. He published a collection of his newspaper and radio writings, Outdoors with Pete McGillen, in 1955 (Ryerson Press). His writings and broadcasts covered the full spectrum of outdoor experiences, from hunting and fishing to nature appreciation, conservation and the value of national parks for all to enjoy.

The Pete McGillen award recognizes members who, during their professional careers, have met the following criteria:

  1. Stimulated interest and appreciation of the outdoors;
  2. Stimulated high standards of craftsmanship among professionals concerned with the portrayal of outdoor life.


1974 - Ernie Taylor
1975 - Berndt Berglund
1976 - Jack Davis
1977 - John Power
1978 - Sheila Kaighin
1979 - Jack Davis
1980 - Not Presented
1981 - Leo Prince
1982 - Not presented
1983 - Michael Bolton
1984 - George R. Cooke
1985 - Burton J. Myers
1986 - W.A. MacDonald
1987 - Robert A. Rife
1988 - Art Briggs-Jude
1989 - Bob Keir
1990 - Dave Sutherland
1991 - Robert H. Jones
1992 - Helen Mason
1993 - Ernie Fedoruk
1994 - Jack Simpson
1995 - Roger Fortier
1996 - Teddi Brown
1997 - Bill Thompson
1998 - Not Presented
1999 - Dr. Robert O. Bailey
2000 - Not Presented
2001 - Not Presented
2002 - Marty Roberts
2003 - Dr. Hugh Best
2004 - Lloyd Fridenburg
2005 - Not Presented
2006 - Not Presented
2007 - Susan Kane-Doyle
2009 - Shirley Teasdale
2010 - Don Meredith
2011 - Not Presented
2012 - Tom Doyle
2013 - John Kerr
2014 - Ken Bailey
2015 - T.J. Schwanky
2016 - Not Presented
2017 - Duane S. Radford

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Pete McGillen Award

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